George Orwell is spinning in his grave, but I’m still here. For now, anyway.

21 Jan

It has been estimated that sociopaths make up four percent of the population.  

I know that to those of you who, who are relatively, normal, healthy people, (the vast majority of society) and have been fortunate enough to avoid being chosen as targets for OGSEH (Organized Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment) training groups, this whole “gangstalking” thing,  is either too hard to believe or too scary to consider.   It is probably normal and natural to want to dismiss, we ,who have been chosen as targets, as “crazy”.  Sadly, however, the people (whoever they may be) who constructed this man made phenomenon (or study, or whatever it is, we can only guess) came up with a brilliant, well executed plan, and seem to have considered every contingency before hand.    If you’re going train people to harass others, in order to make them (and everyone around them) doubt their sanity, you’d better choose the right targets and do what you can to ruin their credibility, so that when they seek help, they will be dismissed as “delusional, nuts, insane, crazy, psycho”.  This, in part, explains why females comprise 90% of OSGEH targets/victims; much of society is too willing to doubt/dismiss a female’s sanity/stability/credibility even when she’s behaved entirely normally.   And lets face it, after years of being a target, we lose some faith in those things that have failed us; ie., our faith in others, in society in general, in the mental health system, in the law enforcement establisment, even though we still love them, we lose some faith in our friends and family.  And, after months or years or decades of targeting, a lot of us do acquire some behaviors and attitudes that aren’t quite mainstream.  So, we may appear, to some to be genuinely odd or mentally ill.  Many targets are driven to mental illness by targeting.  (that being one of the goals, so as to destroy credibility).

I’ve often wondered how people can do this to another human being.  Probably a question you’ve asked yourself.  Why would someone do this?  Who would do this?

The best, short, sweet answer I can find is: Four percent of the population are sociopaths.  And Gangstalking perpetrators are not only sociopathic, they are sadistic.

Many other people have written in depth about this whole phenomenon.  Some make more sense than others.  We targets are all just fish out of water trying to find our way.  Trying to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense to us.

Imagine how you’d feel and act if a group (or even an individual) were doing everything in their power to make you appear crazy and doubt your insanity and then when you go for help, you are written off as delusional, even though you know, in your heart of hearts, that you are not.  Destroy their current support system………social, familial, occupational/financial, psychological.  Ideally, pick someone who is a) already vulnerable (ie, a newly divorced woman, living alone and far from her family),  b)or a threat to the power base (a whistleblower, an activist,) c) a convenient rival

Time to sign out.