Hair loss and teeth crumbling, oh my!!!

Here I sit looking like some nuclear war refugee, or a cancer patient.  A very thin bit of hair on my scalp, all molars crumbled and most top front teeth broken or gone.  My thyroid function so non existent at one point I had to be hospitalized.  One wonders how my health got so bad.  How did this happen.  There’s the theory that meth cookers were in the apartment next to mine for 10 years.  Good possibility.  Even likely, given the strange goings on there over the years.
I’d known I was a TI for years.  But didn’t know a term for it.  Just that I’d been systematically harassed for years.  Lost jobs and the ensuing poverty, lost relationships, lost health, lost everything.  This phenomenon of stalking by proxy, or gang stalking was unknown to me.  I knew what I’d experienced.  I didn’t know there were thousands like me the world over.

I’m shocked at the cruelty relatively average people have been willing to subject me to for no good reason.  Apparently there have been campaigns to assasinate my character.  Lies spread to make any given person hate me and believe I somehow deserved persecution.   Gaslighting, My pets tortured, my home broken into and personal items moved, stolen or ruined.  Sometimes desecrated.  Never any attempt to hide it;  The point was to be obvious while leaving me no real protection or relief.  No avenue of escape.  No support.


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