my trip to the ER;

Dec 2009, I had a sore, red spot on my L upper thigh that started spreading.  It was swelling and pretty painful.  I was concerned about a possible blood clot so went to the ER.  cThey gave me IV antibiotics and told me if it spread more and/or didn’t get better, I should come back in next day.  It got worse, and I came back.  They admitted me to the hospital.  Turned out I had VRSA.  Still don’t know how I got that.  Funny thing is is showed up within months of healing from bil stasis ulcers to my lower legs.  It took years before those healed and no serious infection issues.  Then AFter I’m healed, I get this truly nasty VRSA.  I was in the hospital 6 days in infectious diseases.  That’s how long it took to get rid of it.  Really bad stuff.

I was home not two days when I start with vomiting so violently and persistently, I couldn’t catch my breath.  I was in serious danger of aspirating vomit.  A very bad situation.  I was scared>  So, I call 911, because I sincerly believe I’m in danger of dying from aspiration of vomit.

What do you think they do.  Between brief bouts of vomiting, I have to argue with 911 operator that I needed a ride to ER.  She refused to send me a cab, or ambulance or anything.  She referred me to some community nurse.    Suffice it to say that was no help.  I called 911 back.  Lucky I hadn’t died yet.  Only when I told them I’d left notes on who to sue if I died, did they finally send a ambulance.  I don’t remember why it was ambulance instead of cab.  When I finally got to ER they gave me IV meds;  Ondansetron and demerol.  That did the trick.  The vomiting slowed and the diarhea hit.  Oh lord!  I’ve never been so sick in my life.  Never did find out why.  Good chance it was clostridium due to a week of IV antiBX.

I really felt like the 911 operator was ignoring me.  I’m not someone who calls 911 lightly.  I was in fear for my life.  I never dreamed I’d have to argue for over 40 minutes before I got some help.
Meanwhile, I’d vomited everything, but still tons of yellow fluid kept coming up.  Quarts of it.  No kidding.  I didn’t know I had that much fluid in me.  I still can’t believe these witches were willing to let me die.  I easily could have.  I was so exhausted from violent, involuntary retching, I could barely catch my breath.  I hope that 911 operator lost her job long before someone else died.  What an idiot.  Happy new year 911 operator!


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