Orwell is crying

Just notes and a written record of some experiences with stalking by proxy, or gangstalking.

Today, Jan 2nd, 2013, I felt something banging on pipes under my toilet.  Felt to big and strong to be the possum that’s been hanging around.  Apparently, some idiot(s) have found a reason to go into the hot water tank storage area of my mobile home.  Also have gone under it!  Creepy and gross.  I’ve needed to go under there for legit reasons and still haven’t done it.  Can’t believe they felt compelled to go under there of their own accord.  GROSS!

Of course, these are creepy freaks who make a habit of watching people’s private bathroom/toilet and shower time, so who knows what their sick little minds are up to.  Probably same creep who knocked on my bedroom window new years night.  Ick!!!  I’m at a loss as to possible motivations for such behavior.  Just glad that I’ve got better things to do.  Also took video of the foot prints left in the frost this morning on the ramp outside my bedroom window.

I’ve been a TI since 1991.  Never have figured out why.  Just know that there’s been an all out assault on my sanity, my health, my economic stability, jobs, social life, and all the typical stuff experienced by most TI’s.  That’s targeted individual………a person targeted by ‘gangstalking” groups for harassment and destruction of all aspects of a TI’s life.


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